FOL•D•RAK has earned a respectable place in the storage and organization market with over 25 years of service to their customers.

It can be used to organize almost anything. A perfect garment rack that every household corner needs. It stands at 58x58 and weighs only 6 lbs and when it is folded it is a small 4x58. Perfecto!!

Our Rak Bag
Rak Bag…has a Velcro closure and a shoulder strap for ease of taking your Fol-d-rak hands free, from place to place.
(Price $20.00)

An instant clothing rack that sets up in seconds.

Folding Cloth Rack

Look at these great features:
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum weighs only 6 pounds and measures 58" long.
  • Folds down instantly to 4"x58" fits into any corner for easy storage.
  • Holds as much as 150 lbs. or 40 garments Great for laundry, yard sales, and extra storage.
  • Use-tested and proved troubled free in clothing showrooms, by on-the-road sales people, in receiving departments and institutions.